Business Insurance

Commercial Automobile

Whether you need insurance for a single owner-operated artisan and trades vehicle or a large fleet, we will insure you. Further, we provide garage auto coverage. This includes repair garages and new and used auto dealerships.

Commercial Property/Liability

If your business encompasses retail, contracting, manufacturing or wholesale we can write the policy you need for maximum protection at minimum cost. You will receive flexible and comprehensive coverage with many options to meet your specific needs.

Commercial Lines Products & Services

The more we know and understand about your business the better the policy we can create to protect you. So, while we will provide phone quotes we prefer to visit your establishment to learn about it and your business. This way we provide you with the best possible policy. We'll also review your policy annually to make sure it is current and reflective of your growing needs. Following is a list of protection we can provide for you:

Commercial/Business Auto

Commercial Property

Commercial Liability